Conservatory Cleaning


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So here it is, your lovely Conservatory unit……….looking good now, but for how long? The natural environment and pollutants are conspiring to spoil that vision.  Unfortunately we cannot avoid such things as Algae, Moss, Mildew, Tree Resin,  as  well as fallen leaves that clog up guttering, all of which if left to linger, will eventually eat into the surfaces and seals resulting in expensive damage   which causes  a discoloured and unsightly look.

With regular washing, all the above will be held at bay especially when Pure Water is used as the cleaning agent.  Some units have self-cleaning glass in the roofing section but the Photocatalytic Coating still needs to be freed of leafage etc.  Scrubbing can damage this coating so the non-abrasive soft fibre brush head we use is ideal. It is not recommended that any ladder is leant against or walking done on conservatories, so our pole system is the safest solution.

There is no denying it!  It is a necessary but time consuming task.  However the Conservatory was a major investment or was a deciding factor with regard to your house choice, so it is important to protect this valuable extension to your home.

We can carry out external/ internal clean or a combination of both.


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