Sign Cleaning


The condition of your Sign ware, whether it is a Shop Front, Advertising, or a Highway sign, can serve as a visible indicator of the viability of that business or district area.

When you see a dirty shop sign, what does it say about that business to you?  When you pass through a particular district and all you see is dirty road signs, what does it indicate about the viability of that area?

All Commercial and Local Authority road and street signs must be fit for purpose, that is to say they must be clean, easily readable, legible and informative. Over time the environmental conditions will attack these surfaces causing them to lose the ability to perform the essential visual purpose.

Road Dirt, Moss, Mildew,  Algae, Grime, Lichen, Acid Rain, are but a few onslaught
s that naturally attack these surfaces eating into the reflective and protective coating all proving very expensive to replace.

At Vaporsheen we use a Pure Water System successfully as a solution, especially effective on local authority controlled road and street signs which undergo particular harsh attack from these elements.

Where possible we strive to utilise harvested rain water collected for this purpose. Rain water when cleanly collected, has less impurities than mains tap water, so to completely rid it to zero impurities takes less effort. When completely purified, this water acts as an aggressive and effective cleaning agent, because the surface dirt is very attracted to it. The more regular this water is used on the surfaces, the less foothold the dirt has to take hold. This is an all-round money saving and environmentally friendly way to achieve the best results.



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